Monday, February 18, 2013


I'm working on writing my next book about angels, and am very much looking forward to going to a talk given by Lorna Bryne, author of "Angels in my Hair" at the NY Open Center on Thursday, March 14th. There are still seats available at her event there as of this morning if you are in NYC, and Lorna will also be in Philadelphia on Sunday, March 17th. As you know if you have read my book, "The Healing Power Of Reiki," I have been working with Archangel Gabriel in my Reiki practice. My next book will bring readers on the journey from my childhood when I was first visited by Gabriel to the many amazing events in which Gabriel and other angels have come forward to lend assistance to me in very dramatic, heart-healing and special ways.

The angels are very much wanting to help each and every one of you and all of us with the transition that our world is going through. They are pure love, and everyone has a guardian angel!

Blessings & love,